New York Magazine

Writing I’ve Done for New York Magazine and Vulture

(Note: I’ve been writing capsule reviews for New York’s listings section since late 2001, but since those are usually un-bylined and don’t stay online, there’s no way for me to provide an easy link to them.)

You can find a more thorough listing at this link.

Here's a selection of recent pieces:

-Radiant Zigzag Becoming: How Terrence Malick Constructed To the Wonder

-18 Movies to See at the Tribeca Film Festival

-The 20 Essential Documentaries of the 21st Century

-Juno Temple is Becoming the Hardest-Working Newbie in Show Business

-Room 237 Director Rodney Ascher on The Shining, Its Fans, and Their Theories

-Toy Story 3 Director Lee Unkrich on His Obsession with Kubrick's The Shining

-Viggo Mortenson on Everybody Has a Plan, Beekeeping, and The Hobbit

-7 Theories of What The Wizard of Oz is Really About

-The 23 Worst Ways to Be Killed by Jason Statham

-Why Django Unchained's Slavery Tale Had to Be a Spaghetti Western

-An A-Z Guide to Django Unchained's Many Movie and TV References

-5 Other Musical Films (Besides Les Miserables) That Featured Live Singing

-What is Christopher Nolan's Big Idea Behind The Dark Knight Rises?

-Alex Karpovsky on His New Films, the Coen Brothers, and the Girls Backlash

-Dustin Lance Black on Recutting His Movie Virginia, Mitt Romney, and Gay Marriage

-Rich Sommer on His Tribeca Movies, His Boardgame Obession, and Harry Crane's Future on Mad Men

-Andrew Stanton on John Carter

-Alexander Payne on The Descendants, the Contraception Battle, and the Japanese Sideways

-The Best Performances in the Worst Oscar Bait

-The 20 Best Films of Sundance 2012

-What's It Like to be Heckled at Sundance? One Director Tells All

-Lizzy Caplan on Save the Date, The Bachelorette, and Blow Job Monologues

-Brady Corbet and Mati Diop on Simon Killer, Art Cinema, and Steak Tartare





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